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October 24, 2011 / retrospectro

Wedding hanger – hang your wedding dress nicely!

Wedding hangers – might sound strange for someone who has never been involved in planning of a wedding, but those who know the business, probably would all shout in one mouth – get yourself one!
Although there are many things you could save your money on when planning your wedding expenses, there are also few things that might turn out more important than you thought.

For example – a personalized wedding hanger. Imagine your beautiful, carefully picked wedding dress hanging on a regular, cheap plastic hanger.Err…, not good. Especially because your dress will be photographed a lot on this special day and after some time has passed, you might look at those pictures and sadly think – oh, why didn’t I get a nice personalized bridal hanger back then!

So, now imagine your beautiful dress hanging on a unique wooden personalized hanger with your name (last name, your beau’s name, both of your names – use your imagination!) and a cute ribbon attached.
It really makes a difference, you know.

Also, don’t forget that wedding dresses usually are pretty heavy, so when opting for your own special wedding dress hanger, choose one that is made of wood and has notches for the straps.

If you are a creative person and learn new things easily (and also don’t lack patience and time), after few not so successful tries you might finally end up with a personalized hanger handmade by you! If you decide to go this way, our suggestion would be to find a DIY tutorial like this one and go step by step!

But since most of us don’t have the skills and time, it might be better to leave this to a professional. Yes, there are such wonderful folks out there who are making gorgeous personalized  wedding hangers. A lot of them can be found through Etsy – just pick one whos work is most appealing to you. The good thing – a nice personal hanger can usually be bought for $20-30 plus shipping expenses, so it wouldn’t do much harm to your budget.

And don’t forget about your bridesmaids, maid of honour and flower girl, who would love to have their own personalized hangers too!
Wedding hangers also make a perfect shower gift, bride-to-be will be very happy!

To get your own personalized wedding hanger, click here !


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